We can take your concept and create a custom design. You can provide you own art via email or US mail. You can use one of our existing designs and tailor it for your needs. Below you will find everything you need to know about screen print art.

Common Questions:

Q: I would like to get some art done. I have no idea how it works. What do I do?
A: That's ok. We need to know what you want. We can work from chicken scratches on a napkin if we have to. But, the more that you can provide in the way of art or concept the cheaper the art will be. You email us with as much as you have and well take it from there.
Q: How much do you charge for graphic design?
A: We charge $45.00 per hour
Q: How long does it generally take to do a design?
A: It depends on the complexity of the design and how much you can provide in the way of concept and or usable art. Our minimum charge for art is $22.50. Generally designs that we do cost between $22.50 and $90.00. Very detailed designs can go up to $800.00.
Q: I have a black and white drawing of my art. Can you work with that?
A: Yes that is fine. You can scan it and save it at 300 dpi or higher at actual size to be printed. Or you can send it to us and we will scan it in. Email Files
Q: I have a .jpg, .gif, .bmp file is that ok?
A: No probably not. These files are lower resolution files or a Raster Image. Generally used on the internet. We can use them to recreate your art for you, or you can recreate your art in a vector format yourself.
Q: I want a 2-3 color design. I have a .tif image 300 dpi at actual size. Is that ok?
A: No probably not. Designs that are 2 or 3 colors have to be color separated for screen printing. You have one screen for each color. Raster images are based on 4 color process. We can use them to recreate your art for you, or you can recreate your art in a vector format yourself.
Q: Do you have "So and So" Font?
A: We have several thousand fonts. But, there is several million fonts out there. So, in most circumstances No we won't have "So and So" font. But if you fax us a page with it on there we will have something close.
Q: How big is a tshirt design usually?
A: Generally full size designs are around 10" -12" by the same. Small logos printed on the front left right or center are usually around 4" wide. 


file extensions: .ai, .fh, .cdr, .eps

Vector art is art that is created using spot colors. These files are created using Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw programs. These files are very manipulatable. They are generally the same type of files that a paper printer would use to do letterhead, envelopes etc.  These file types are best for garment printing. 

These files are such that various elements of the design can be manipulated in any way. Color, size, shape etc. Vector art creates "Spot colors". Spot colors are colors that are called out. For example; burgundy, light blue, purple. We can make each element of the design exactly what color you want. We can move every element. We can resize it without degradation of the design.

Important- When sending vector art in any of the above mentioned formats, you must convert the fonts to graphics. This is also referred to as converting to graphics, converting to outlines or converting to curves. All of the programs have this function available. It can usually be accomplished by selecting all and then going to the Font tab on you tool bar and scrolling down to the appropriate command.

Adobe Illustrator V. 9

Macromedia Freehand V. 11

Corel Draw V. 11

file extensions: .psd, .jpeg, .gif, .tif, .pdf, 

Raster art is art created using a bitmap type program. The design will be made of small squares. There are many programs that can create this type of program. These files are made from 4 color process (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). These file types are not the most desirable files for garment printing unless your design is full color. 

 They are usually pretty small in size also. When they are enlarged the imperfections become magnified many times. They will not give you a clean or sharp edge.

In many cases these file are not usable. .jpg, .bmp, .gif are generally low resolution files. These files will most likely not work. We can recreate your design for you if this is the case. We can usually work with whatever file type you have.

A .tif, .tiff file saved at 300 dpi at actual size will work perfectly for 4 color process/ full color printing. It will can also be used to print a one color when converted to a single color. This only works if the files are saved as a 300 dpi or higher from the original program. You cannot make a lower resolution file better by renaming it at a higher resolution.

Photoshop V.6


Send us your VECTOR art on disk or email it.
Acceptable Software Applications:
  • Adobe Illustrator Version 9
  • Corel Draw Version 11
  • Macromedia Freehand Version 11
Acceptable Storage Formats:
  • 3.5" Floppy Disk
  • Iomega 250mb Zip Disk
  • Compact Disk
  • DVD

When sending vector art
make sure to convert fonts to graphics.

Email your art to

Send us your RASTER art on disk or email it.
Acceptable Software Applications:
  • Photoshop Version 6

Usable file extensions: .psd, .tif. Sometimes .pdf and .bmp

Acceptable Storage Formats:
  • 3.5" Floppy Disk
  • Iomega 250mb Zip Disk
  • Compact Disk
  • DVD

When sending a raster image make sure it is 300 dpi or higher. Make sure it is at the actual size to be printed. If your file is over 3mb it is recommended you compress your file. We recommend you use Winzip for pc files and stuff it for Mac.
WinZip - Please click here to download a Free evaluation version.

Email your art to

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