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If you need screen printed garments this is the place to be. There are literally hundreds of thousands of garments that we can print on and we carry all the top name brands.



Just go to the area that is closest to what you want. After you check out the products if you need ordering information come back to Screen Printed Products.

Artwork is obviously an important part of getting something decorated. We pride ourselves on our State-of-the-Art Graphics Department. Our Graphics Department can create anything you want. We can modify one of our existing designs or create one especially for you. We charge $40.00 an hour for custom art. Most art can be completed in an hour or less.
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Pricing Factors
When you need to get something printed there are a number of factors that go into your final price. We will give you the info you will need to know to get a price. We now have included pricing on our site. To get a price please try to answer the below questions. If you have any question after reviewing our pricing please let us know.
Set-Up or Screen Charges
When you Screen Print your image needs to be burned onto a screen in order to get it on the garment you want. For each color in your design you will have one screen. Screens are typically $20.00 each. When you order a second time with the same design you will incur only a Set-Up Charge which will be $10.00 per color. 
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  • What kind of garment or product do you want?
  • What color you want?
  • What sizes is not important only knowing youth or adult?
  • How many do you want?
  • How do you want it printed? eg. 1 color small front and 4 colors large back
  • What you will be using for artwork? (supplied, custom, one of ours)
  • When do you want them? We can work
Fast Turn-Around
We don't mess around. If, you know what you want and you're willing to pay for it, we will turn your work around as quickly as we can. In most cases we get things out in less than a week from the day we get a signed invoice. If you need something in a rush on a certain date let us know we may be able to do the unthinkable.
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Special Products

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